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About Q.Assistant

My name is Quintina Sweet, and I am the Founder and Virtual Business Administrator for Q Assistant. I have experienced much success since the start of my career as an administrative professional in healthcare.  In 15 years, I have worked in healthcare; I have received 8 promotions and have earned 5 degrees. Although I am a well-accomplished professional, I reached a point in my career where I was not fulfilled.

In search of discovering my purpose, the idea came to me that I wanted to work in a role that would be more meaningful, and I would be in control of my job satisfaction. I find joy in assisting business professionals with the small to large-scale tasks that can help them optimize their day. No matter how big or small the job, I found that my role as an administrative professional contributed heavily to success.

While working for large healthcare organizations, I realized that the success of the operations of the company heavily depends on the professional administrative team. In early 2020, when COVID hit, many small business owners, unfortunately, had to cease operations. Many of these small business owners had little to no professional administrative support to assist them through the operational issues that arose from the unexpected closures of their business. This was when I noticed that smaller businesses did not have the same administrative professional support as more giant corporations. In seeking out opportunities to better leverage my knowledge as an administrative professional, I decided to embark on a journey to become a virtual business administrator.

I want to utilize my knowledge and skill set for the companies that need it most. I am confident that the knowledge I have gained from working for some of the top executives in healthcare would be a great benefit and asset to ANY business owner. I look forward to working with you.

Meet Our Virtual Business Administrator

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I am Quintina, and I thrived on knowledge for as long as I can remember. It became the running joke in the office where I worked that if you had a question, then Quintina is your girl. I often get comments like, “Why do you know that?” I did not take the statement seriously and often thought the comment was funny.

It was not until 15 years into my career; I reached a pivotal point where I wanted to leave the corporate world and leverage my knowledge to assist corporations and small businesses. My career in administration began in 2006 as a health unit coordinator. I have since grown in various roles, and my most recent role was as a program manager. In this role, I was given the opportunity to lead the administrative operations for that division and grow the program to new heights.

Working in operations in healthcare for 15 years allowed me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of professionals from the executive, mid-level, and lower management, which have included clinical and non-clinical professionals. Working with these professionals, I was responsible for managing staff, budget reconciliation, communications, customer service, meeting planning, database management, travel planning, project management, and more.

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