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Focus on your business, and let Q handle the rest...


Do you think you can do it all? 

How has that been working out for you?

It’s okay to ask for help!

Asking for help allows your business to optimize their time to focus more on what matters most, “The Customer.” Shifting the focus to the customer will ultimately improve the profitability and growth of your business.

You don’t have to wait for help! Take that next step and let Q Assistant partner with your business to become a pillar to the success of enhancing your business operations.


Q Assistant prides itself on creating a world-class experience for every type of business. So rather you are a small business owner, a corporation, or an enterprise, Q Assistant services are unlike another. We manage sophisticated tasks and only offer high-quality services that we ourselves expect as consumers. Satisfaction guaranteed is our promise to you.  We offer convenient packaged and subscription services with founders and executives in mind and are sure to provide solutions to your real needs. Discover our Subscription and Packaged Services below.

Mission Statement

The mission of Q Assistant is to enhance operations of ANY business by partnering with business owners to become a pillar to the success of their business by taking over responsibilities that do not generate income. This allows our clientele to focus on what is most important: the profitability and growth of your business.



  • Communication Skills. – Building a great business is through regular interactions. The success of our partnership is based on responsiveness, clarity, two-way listening, and feedback.


  • Organizational Skills. – Structure is critical to accomplish goals successfully. Allowing our company to partner with you will improve operational efficiency.


  • Professionalism. – Standards and ethics are essential to building trust. Agreeing to utilize our services will build the face of your brand.




The vision of Q Assistant is to help business owners to enhance work-life balance and grow their business to the next level

Packaged Services



Employee Training

Event Planning

Excel Spreadsheets

Form Design


Organizational Charts

Process Maps

Project Management


SharePoint Design and Management

Survey Design and Management


Data Analysis

Virtual Meeting Setup

Social Media Management

Customer Relationship Management


Administrative Services


Calendar Management

Data Entry

Excel Spreadsheets

Mailing Services


Powerpoint Presentations


Email Management

Restaurant Reservations


Travel Planning

Digital Organization


Unsure of what package best fits the needs of your business….Let's Talk!

Consultation is highly encouraged.

30-minute Consultation for 49.00.

The consultation fee will be credited back to contracted clients during the first month of service.


This package is ideal for new startup companies with minimum administrative services needs. This package only includes calendar management and responding to emails

Starting at 499.00 per month

20 hours of professional administrative support per month

 Business hours – 8 am to 5 pm

Additional hours billed at 33.99 per hour

Work Desk
Business Discussion


Minimum 2-month commitment

This package only includes Administrative Services.

Starting at 749.00 per month

30 hours of professional administrative support per month 

Business hours – 8 am to 5 pm

Additional hours billed at 31.99 per hour


Minimum 2-month commitment

This package only includes Administrative Services and Operations

Starting at 999.00 per month

40 hours of professional administrative support per month and after-hours support

Business hours – 8 am to 5 pm

Additional hours billed at 29.99 per hour

Young Businessman
Quick Sync


Minimum 2-month commitment

This package includes Administrative Services, Operations, and Tech

Starting at 1,499 per month

60 hours of professional administrative support per month and after-hours support

Business hours – 8 am to 5 pm 

Additional hours billed at 27.99 per hour

Additional Support

Live Agent Administrative Support

Sometimes being completely virtual is not ideal for some businesses. If this is the case, we are here to help.

Please schedule a video call to speak with one of our live virtual administrative professionals

1 hour- 1 on 1 for 24.99 per hour

*** Must purchase essentials, professional or executive package to utilize this service****


Additional Administrative Professional Support

We understand that one administrative professional may not be able to meet the goals of your business. If you need additional administrative professional support, please contact us to discuss our discount rates.


A la Carte (One-time service)

Select Services based on your business needs

(3 services MAX, 34.99 per hour)

Excel Spreadsheets, Microsoft Presentations, Data Entry, Memos/ Letters, Responding to Emails, Travel Planning, Calendar Management, Email Management, Customer Relationship Management, Research, Restaurant Reservations, Employee Training, Project Management, and Event Planning


Long Term Contracts

Do you know the long-term administrative professional needs of your business? If so, a long-term contract may be beneficial to you.

Longer contract terms have these benefits:

Rate lock for the duration of the contract

6- month contract has a 5% discount*

 12-month contract has a 10% discount*

*To qualify for discount services, a select package must be paid in full

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